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Countries/places I have visited and written practical listings for. There is usually a mixture of general and specific information included.  All information is purely from my experiences and I have never been sponsored or asked to write about anywhere in particular.  All comments and opinions are purely my own and any inaccuracies are entirely through my misunderstandings.

Ljubljana in a day

You know those childhood pictorial mix and match flip books where you can flip the head/body/legs etc to create a kind of Frankenstein figure? …
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Food is largely connected to Travel in that a huge part of my enthusiasm for travel is in trying new ingredients.


Design sounds more creative and knowledgeable than it is.  A recurring theme within my photographs is architectural and textile details along with patterns and shapes.  I have also started buying souvenirs from my travels that either appeal to me for their design or as ideas to incorporate into my home. This page and the posts within are to share those ideas and photographs.


Lifestyle is a forum for ideas to incorporate into everyday life.

Why don’t you …

… experiment at home with food you can’t try on holiday?#11 Malaysian food I knew next to nothing about Malaysian food. Word association resulted in …
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